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After not traveling much this summer, just a few days after returning home from our week in Florida we found ourselves on the road again, heading to Long Beach Island for Labor Day weekend. Despite a rainy Saturday and a toddler still cutting his molars, we enjoyed a lovely long weekend. The beach was just a few steps from Mike’s aunt’s house (you could hear the waves crashing with the windows open, heaven!) so we could come and go as we (Stephen) pleased. Our early morning trips, before anyone else was on the beach except the tractors racking the sand, will be a memory I hold close for many years to come.

Ready for some real life? Stephen cut six teeth, including four molars, in three weeks. Phew! Thankfully, once we had returned home from our travels, he returned to sleeping through the night and napping well most days. But seeing your baby in so much pain and not really being able to provide any relief is just crushing. How relieved we were when that last molar finally came through!

And for a little more real life, I finally, finally found relief from my postpartum anxiety.I struggle with sharing this because it feels so intensely personal, but I also believe talking about it helps normalize and bring awareness to the disorder. A combination of modern and traditional medicine, as well as some lifestyle changes, have made all the difference in the world. It feels like such an incredibly heavy weight has been lifted and my only regret is that I didn’t seek help or realize that I actually did need help sooner.

At the end of the month, we traveled to South Carolina for Mike to play in his member-guest tournament. Last year Stephen was only 5 months old when we made this trip – it was so much easier this year with him only taking one nap a day! The biggest hit of the trip was riding on the golf cart – Stephen LOVED it so much! By the end of the week we were taking at least three rides a day and he loved stopping to check on the construction equipment at several home sites.

A few more things we enjoyed last month:

  • Our habanero plant produced tons of peppers this summer, so Mike turned them into Habanero Hot Sauce.
  • I really enjoyed reading Simplicity Parenting and The Happiest Kids in the World.
  • The two things that saved us during this month of teething? Chocolate milk popsicles (this popsicle mold is great and the perfect size for little hands) and my necklace from The Jones Market.
  • After discovering the Think Dirty app (it’s not what you think!), I went on a huge purge of all the toxic cleaning products and toiletries in our home. It was something I thought I had done years ago when I switched to using organic and all-natural cleaners, but it turns out there are some pretty nasty things hiding in those as well. I started making almost all of our cleaning products so I know exactly what is in them – The Organically Clean Home has been a great companion for the purge!
  • Have you heard of the notion of “hygee”? I read a little more about the concept in The Little Book of Hygee and I just love it, though I’m fairly confident my mom was on the forefront of this approach in America!
  • I tried (and loved!) Trunk Club. I have used other styling services in the past and have always been a little disappointed in the quality and selection. But as someone who didn’t particularly love shopping for clothes BEFORE I had a busy little toddler by my side, I really love the concept and convenience of pieces being shipped to your home.

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