A Summer Vacation in Saratoga Springs & Lake George



Last month we packed up the baby and the dogs (and ALL THE THINGS) and drove north for our first family vacation. We rented a cottage just a few miles north of Lake George and set-up camp for a week. We soon found out that “vacation” with a baby is far different than any other previous conception of vacation. It’s more of a test of how long you can survive without the conveniences of home. It was a lot of planning around a four month old’s nap schedule, which we expected, but was nonetheless still stressful since we wanted to keep Stephen on his routine as much as possible. But we survived and enjoyed our days together.

I’ll be honest in saying that it was difficult for me to feel like my freedom to roam and explore was quite limited. I love walking around new places, taking in the architecture, and snapping photos along the way. It fills me creatively in a way nothing else can. So when the streets and homes of Saratoga Springs called my name, it was hard for me to know I only had two hours (at the most!) for such an exploration before Stephen would need to nap again. But we enjoyed the time we had and look forward to returning in the future when Stephen is a little older. Lake George was also beautiful and we’ve already started dreaming of renting a little cabin on the lake with friends and their children. It’s so fun to think of future summers with all the kiddos jumping off docks and soaking up the outdoors.

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