My Word for 2018

Jan 5

End of Season Garden on B&W Film | Allison Mannella Have you read about people declaring a word or theme for themselves in the new year? I always thought it was a brilliant idea, but never really took the time to sit down and figure out my own word. And I honestly had not expected to do so for 2018 until I sat and reviewed the goals I made for myself and found one common thread woven between them all:

1. a state of happiness and satisfaction.

Whenever my mind wondered over possible words, I always came back to simplicity, but that was unintentionally my word of 2017. I simplified so much of my life – home, motherhood, mind, business, and heart. I’m learning that true simplification in one’s life is a continual process and quest; not something to be checked off a to do list. So if 2017 was my year of simplification, I knew I needed to dig a little deeper.

Crows flying on B&W Film | Allison Mannella

And, so, contentment, which seems to be naturally entwined with simplification. Contentment, for me, does not equate to passivity or indifference. It does not mean I won’t stop dreaming or chasing. Rather, it’s a state of being present and grateful for the seasons of life and the moment I’m in. It is acknowledging all that we already have. It’s finding a place where I can quiet my constantly moving and planning mind. It’s creating space to breathe and enjoy.

Tree Silhouette on B&W fim | Allison Mannella

I don’t yet know how this word will come to play out over the next year and I am embracing the beauty of that unknown.

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