January in Review

Feb 12

January in Review | Photo: Allison Mannella Like most years, January arrived with a sense of renewal and purpose. I am a person who believes whole-heartedly that you can choose to make a fresh start at any point of the year. Yet as I get older and my responsibilities carry more weight, I’ve come to appreciate turning the fresh page of a new year.

January in Review | Photo: Allison Mannella

I got a lot done in January and crossed off almost every goal or to-do item I had set for myself. Part of this was due to me finally being more realistic about knowing what I can truly accomplish in a month. The time I have for working on my goals is limited, so I only set out to accomplish what is really important. The other part of this was limiting my time on social media outlets. It makes me sad to type that because I never really thought of myself as a big time waster on social media, but that clearly was not the case.

I started deleting the Instagram app off my phone and only reinstalling it at night when I need to do work; I deleted the Facebook app from my phone after Stephen was born and deleted my neglected Twitter account. Suddenly instead of aimlessly scrolling to pass a few minutes, I instead had time to write a quick thank you note, tidy up the house, or just be present.

January in Review | Photo: Allison MannellaJanuary in Review | Photo: Allison Mannella

I started focusing more energy on my own business in January and finally launched my new website. I came up with improved workflows to keep my business visible and running smoothly. I wrapped up my 2017 taxes without needing to take 3 days alone to get everything in order. I created a more realistic blogging schedule and have so enjoyed returning to writing again and sharing more of my work.

Around the house, I installed knobs on our laundry room cabinets (my husband has not noticed yet), installed cornice boards in Stephen’s room, and finished a car storage rack for Stephen’s playroom. I also made croissants over the long holiday weekend for my two favorite guys. We celebrated a lovely belated Christmas with Mike’s mom, aunts, and grandmother.

January in Review | Photo: Allison MannellaJanuary in Review | Photo: Allison Mannella

I tried to be more intentional about setting aside at least 10 minutes a day to focus on just me and it has made such a difference. It is usually as soon as he falls asleep for his nap and looks different depending on the day. Some days it’s practicing yoga inversions, some days it’s reading a bit of my devotional, other days it’s just laying down with my eyes shut and soaking up the quiet. I try to make time for one long bath each week. Again, I’m finding these small moments add up and lead to a better version of me.

January in Review | Photo: Allison Mannella

Stephen started a music class that follows the ‘Music Together’ curriculum and, when it isn’t canceled due to weather, he has absolutely loved it. At home, he likes practicing his free dance moves to the tune of “Ice Ice Baby” and “Welcome to New York”. His pesky canine teeth continued to make him uncomfortable, but his language took another huge leap, which seemed to help alleviate some of the terrible 2’s behavior we had been working through.

The frigid winter weather has proven to make for some difficult, long days us, as Stephen could happily spend every waking hour exploring the outdoors. He did start doing some long bouts of independent play, especially with his trucks, cars, or trains. He also really started loving painting and building forts with his Daddy. We are all anxiously awaiting spring!

Here are a few other things we enjoyed during the month of January:

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