February in Review

Mar 16

We started off the month of February with a quick trip to South Carolina to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. Despite our delayed arrival delayed (airline delays when you’re traveling with a little one are just nightmare fuel), we enjoyed our time and a brief break from the frigid New York temperatures. In spite of the still-chilly weather in South Carolina, Stephen enjoyed countless golf cart rides.

The following weekend we traveled to Arlington to celebrate my niece’s third birthday. The next day we celebrated a sweet sprinkle for my sister at Tupelo Honey. The boys enjoyed a trip to the National Air & Space Museum while the ladies enjoyed a delicious brunch!

After we returned from two weekends of travel, we decided to start potty training Stephen. He had been showing us all the signs that he was ready, so we decided to go for it, and he did great! It only took him a couple of days to get the hang of it, and less than two weeks later we could resume our outings without any accidents and without having to haul the little potty along. We’ll tackle nighttime training when he is a little older, but we were so proud of him for getting it so quickly!

Though the month flew by, I did manage to accomplish one of my goals of learning how to make candles. Such a fun and easy process! I love being able to have lots of candles burning now without worrying about spending a fortune on replacing them. Near the end the month we had a smattering of gorgeous days, in which Stephen played outside every waking moment, and I worked on our landscaping in preparation for this year’s garden. Though it’s still many weeks away, we cannot wait for the beautiful weather to return.

Here are a few other things we enjoyed this month:

  • We started watching The Crown and are enjoying it so far.
  • In preparation for potty training, I read Toilet Training Without Tantrums and Oh Crap! Potty Training. Both were helpful guides that aligned with our approach, but like everything else in parenting, it was essential to adapt to his individual needs and motivations.
  • I hadn’t heard much about Himilayian salt lamps, but I saw one at a day spa in South Carolina and loved the warm glow it gave off. I ordered these votive holders and soy tea lights – now my occasional bath time is extra relaxing!
  • One of Stephen’s favorite books this month was The Little Excavator.
  • My friend Julie scored these amazing Fiona Walker animal heads at Home Goods. When they didn’t work in her space I was more than happy to take them off her hands! They are such a sweet addition to Stephen’s playroom.
  • We replaced the rug in our family room with this and love it! I answered a few questions I received about it here.

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