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Jan 3

December, as always, was a whirlwind of a month. Despite our best efforts to simplify the season as much as possible and to embrace a season of chaos, knowing that a season of quiet and simplicity was just around the corner, we still felt rather drained at the end of the month. But there were also moments of pure magic and delight, all wrapped up around sweet Stephen. Watching his face of wonder as we took him to a local train show, baking and delivering Christmas cookies together, and dancing every night to Jingle Bell Rock will always be such special memories.

We began the month with the very special celebration of Stephen’s baptism. We were truly so blessed to find a wonderful church and have so many of our family members present for the day.

We visited my family in Virginia for Christmas and although an 8 hour (which ended up being 10 hours) trip with a 20 month old and two dogs felt like pure nightmare fuel, it was actually not at all terrible. I relented on my anti-screentime stance and Stephen was thrilled to watch the first 28 minutes of The Secret Life of Pets on repeat. I had been so homesick for Virginia and it was such a treat to see so much of my family at once. If Stephen wasn’t already in heaven with his very own John Deere Gator, visiting the local John Deere dealership sealed the deal.

Here are a few other things we enjoyed this month:


I’m keeping this monthly wrap-up short and sweet because I have a few more posts in the works. Wishing you a wonderful month ahead!

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