After we had finished our tour and afternoon tea at Hopsewee Plantation, we ventured on down the road to Hampton Plantation. Unlike most historic homes I have visited, this one was particularly unique as there are no furnishings to be seen. Instead, portions of the interior have been peeled back to reveal an incredible glimpse […]

When we visited South Carolina last month, Mike took over watching Stephen so I could indulge in a day with the ladies, touring two local plantations. While it’s usually quite hard for me to leave Stephen, and I’ve been lucky enough only to have to do so when I have client meetings or photo shoots, […]

Last month we packed up the baby and the dogs (and ALL THE THINGS) and drove north for our first family vacation. We rented a cottage just a few miles north of Lake George and set-up camp for a week. We soon found out that “vacation” with a baby is far different than any other […]

During our month in Virginia this summer, Mike and I took advantage of some great nearby hiking spots, including Dragon’s Tooth Trail near Catawba, Virginia. As usual, Mike had done a lot of research before we left, and we agreed to leave the dogs at home for this hike. Thank goodness we did! The first two-thirds […]

When Mike and I got married almost two years ago, we decided to delay our honeymoon until a time when we had moved and settled in to our now home in North Carolina, so we could truly enjoy our trip. After lots of thoughts of where we would like to go, we decided to stay […]


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