When I conducted my reader survey at the beginning of the year, 100% of readers responded in being interested in seeing more lifestyle and home content. I was secretly thrilled because I adore the never-ending process of making this house our home and I’m more than happy to share what I’m learning along the way! […]

Last spring I decided to get serious about gardening. It was a skill I had always wanted to develop and after years of dubbing myself a “brown thumb,” I decided to give it another shot. Around the same time, Lara Casey published a mini gardening 101 series, which gave me the bolt of confidence to […]

We started off the month of February with a quick trip to South Carolina to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. Despite our delayed arrival delayed (airline delays when you’re traveling with a little one are just nightmare fuel), we enjoyed our time and a brief break from the frigid New York temperatures. In spite of the […]

Like most years, January arrived with a sense of renewal and purpose. I am a person who believes whole-heartedly that you can choose to make a fresh start at any point of the year. Yet as I get older and my responsibilities carry more weight, I’ve come to appreciate turning the fresh page of a […]

Allison Mannella is a photographer servicing Westchester County, the Hudson Valley, NYC, Connecticut and beyond. She specializes in family and commercial photography, with an emphasis on film photography. For more information, please contact allison@allisonmannella.com.

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