August in Review


Dooryard Garden at Stone Barns in Tarrytown, NY | Photo: Allison Mannella

Hello dear friends! It’s been quite awhile since I have shared a monthly recap of our life. More truthfully, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged at all. I’ve appreciated your kind messages and comments during this unintended hiatus – it is truly so touching that so many of you missed my words and photos. I am slowly trying to work my way back to this little space, in a way that will again spark joy instead of feeling like another task on a long and endless list of things to do.

August in Review | Photo: Allison Mannella

So let’s begin with August, the last full month of summer, at least here in New York. Schedule-wise, our month was intentionally very quiet and relaxed. Rolling with the weather and moods of the day is somewhat against my type-a personality, but I find it brings a calmness to everyone when we just see where the day takes us. Over the past year I have changed my work obligations tremendously and now shoot a very limited number of weddings. This meant that our weekends were spent exactly how I had hoped – all together, with some explorations, but mostly just together in our own little backyard. We did take our very first trip into the city – visiting Daddy at work, then enjoying a trip to the Lego store, a late lunch at Grand Central Oyster Bar, and then back home for an early start to the weekend.

August in Review | Photo: Allison Mannella

Stephen is at an especially fun age and is starting to develop lots of interests and show even more of his sweet, spirited personality. He really enjoys playing “sports”, especially with his Daddy! Soccer, golf, baseball, and basketball – usually all in the same day. He also really loves to help me in the kitchen and most weeks you can now find us whipping up a batch of banana bread. He also really, really loves helping with laundry (to the point that we occasionally have meltdowns when it’s time to leave the laundry room), sweeping, and dusting.

Lifeguard stand on the beach in Destin, FL | Photo: Allison Mannella

We went on a very rare trip during the last week of the month to visit family in the panhandle of Florida. I would only be partially kidding if I said Stephen started cutting his first molars the very moment they shut the door on our first airplane. He spent the majority of our trip (NOT a vacation – here’s some clarification if you need it 🙂 ) nestled, fussily, on my left hip. Between the time change and teething, he started every day between 3:48 am and 4:31 am. We visited the beautiful beaches of Destin and he quite uncharacteristically cried and wanted to be held the entire time. But visiting family is always a welcome treat and we did manage to enjoy some delicious food and adult beverages in our time there.

More soon, I hope, friends.

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